Elford, Inc. includes all segments of the population in the communities for which we provide construction services. We are committed to providing a representative project team by partnering with Minority-Based Enterprises, Veteran-Based Enterprises, and Woman-Based Enterprises in the areas of design, project development, construction, subcontracting, joint venture relationships, and goods and services purchasing.

We serve as mentors to MBE/WBE/EDGE/SDVOB/VOB leadership teams to help enhance their skills and capabilities through coaching and professional development. Elford’s robust plan to support and enhance the small business community includes training sessions throughout the year, meet and greets with key decision makers both externally and internally, individual mentoring sessions, introductions to other diversity professionals for assistance with certifications and business planning, and information sessions on tips to grow their businesses.


"We believe strongly that we have a duty to our community to promote, uplift, and be inclusive of minority and historically underutilized business partners."

Jim Smith, Chairman, Elford

"The inclusivity and diversity of our team is critical to our success today and tomorrow."

Mike Fitzpatrick, CEO, Elford

Over the last four years, Elford contracted with MBE, EDGE, WBE, DBE, VBE, and other minority subcontractors for over $125,107,250

Denise Gilliam

Denise Gilliam, Elford’s Director of Inclusion & Outreach, has been honored by the OhioMBE as a Top MBE Advocate.

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