A new freestanding three-story, 18,000 SF utility plant designed to accommodate future campus expansion. The plant contains a 2,400 ton variable primary flow chilled water plant with a comparable hot water plant. Redundant electrical service for the entire office campus runs through Building L. This steel structure building has masonry exterior and interior walls and a cedar wood façade.

The first floor houses the main, electrical gears, emergency generators, and domestic water services (hot, cold, and fire protection). The second floor has three chillers with room for a future fourth and pumps needed for the chillers. The third floor houses three boilers and pump. The roof has three cooling towers with room for a fourth. Both the second and third floors have three overhead doors for installation of future chiller and/or boiler. Floors on both the second and third floors are sealed with epoxy in case of flooding.

Also included in this project was a major underground expansion of three miles of 10” CHWR & CHWS, plus 8” HHWR and HHWS to feed a future new building. The piping was expanded to an existing chiller building for redundancies. This required a great deal of coordination with Abercrombie & Fitch since portions of the existing parking lot and landscape had to be cut and dug up. Work was carefully scheduled in order not to interrupt the traffic flow (approximately 2,000 cars/day) on this working campus, especially on the main road into the campus. As soon as the section passed inspection, new asphalt was placed to repair the parking lot and grass was seeded to repair the surrounding landscaping.