New 60,000 SF facility for Ohio’s leading healthcare laundry facility, providing full laundry processing and delivery services to 16 hospitals and 80 affiliated ambulatory care facilities throughout Ohio. (Annual volume estimated at 27,000,000 lbs).

Elford provided budget alternatives during the preconstruction phase and negotiated utility rates with the City of Columbus, resulting in a savings of over $4,500 per quarter. Elford suggested the installation of a flume system to save money on COMTEX’s sewer utility bills. Elford reworked the schedule at the client’s request to complete the office and training area first to enable COMTEX staff to be on-site and available during construction and for employees to receive equipment training from overseas vendors who were on site for a limited time. Elford acted not only as a CM but also as a business resource generating long-term operational savings to COMTEX.