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Rumpke’s Recycling Resource Center is located on Rumpke’s existing 25-acre property on Joyce Avenue. The program includes a 32,000 SF Class A office space that will serve as Rumpke’s Columbus operations, and will include research and classroom space for The Ohio State University, and a 180,000 SF processing area, which will become the fifth largest and most advanced recycling center in the world.

Elford was hired prior to the issuance of schematic design, specifically to coordinate the of automated recycling equipment, which includes robotics, conveyors, and optical scanning that uses artificial intelligence to improve the sorting process. In addition, our team evaluated pre-engineered metal, traditional steel framing, and precast structural framing systems. After a rigorous evaluation, a pre-engineered metal system was recommended due to the flexibility it provides to speed up the installation of the custom recycling machinery, as well as for future modifications.